[ATLANTA – March 1, 2018 ]

Patientory Association is rebranded from the prior name, Patientory Stiftung, the Swiss non-profit responsible for promoting PTOYNet for Patientory, Inc. and other Dapps and will commence operations in San Francisco.

To learn more about the Patientory Association please visit www.ptoy.org. For additional information on Patientory Inc., please visit www.patientory.com.

About Patientory Association

The Patientory Association, a global nonprofit healthcare member organization facilitates the adoption of emerging technologies in the healthcare industry. Currently, the foundation connects healthcare industry adopters of the PTOYNet blockchain which comprise the PTOYNet consortium. The PTOYNet blockchain securely stores and manages health information in real time, and such storage and management is facilitated by a blockchain based token (called “PTOY”).